How Much Does a German Shepherd Eat

You have got a German Shepherd, and you can take care of him, but you still have no idea How Much Does a German Shepherd Eat. Then don’t you worry because we are here to tell you how much food your German shepherd needs a day.

Here is a complete guide to letting you learn more about Feeding Your German Shepherd.

Feeding chart for feeding German Shepherd

When you feed your German shepherd, you must know about his feeding amount, frequency of eating, and length between each meal.

A necessary part of feeding your German shepherd must observe the appropriate amount of feed, frequency, and the time gap between your dog’s meals. This way, you can easily find how to feed your dog Lets with the first measurement you have to do is the calculating amount of feed.

Amount of Feed for Your German shepherd

The amount of feed depends on your German Shepherd’s age; indeed, this is the fundamental step to take. There are four age ranges that you keep in mind while feeding Your German Shepherd.

When your dog is about sixteen weeks and below: 

Half cup of the food. About 14 grams. 

When your dog is about Sixteen weeks to Nine months: 

When your dog is about 16 weeks, you need to add a few more grams into your dog’s feed, about 42 grams of the food. 

When your dog is about Nine months to 12 months: 

Two cups and 56 grams of food in every meal of your dog

When your dog is about 12 months and above:

Three cups of kibble or food in every meal of your dog. About 84 grams 

Furthermore, when it comes to your German shepherd’s age, you must have to figure out how active your dog is. An energetic dog eats more than an inactive dog.

Frequency of feeding Your German Shepherd

Like calculating the amount of feed, you also have to consider how much your German shepherd eat per day.

When your dog is for nine months and below: 

Give your dog food three times in an equal interval of time.

When your German Shepherd is of nine months to twelve months: 

Two times each day in the morning or the evening 

When Twelve months and above: 

Usually the German Shepherds of this age eats twice per day

Avoid feeding your German shepherd right before its sleep time; let your dog correctly digest their food first. The last part of this feeding chart is the length between each meal of your German shepherd.

Feeding length between each mealtime

The length of the mealtime of your German shepherd depends on your observation. Therefore you need to consider these questions when observing the size of each mealtime for your German shepherd. 

  • How long does your German shepherd take to finish his meal?
  • How long does your German shepherd take to get full?
  • After eating, is he still hungry or not?

German shepherds do not take the time to finish their meal. Typically German shepherds eat in 11 to 15 minutes when it comes to this breed. If your German shepherd takes more time in eating.

We recommend taking him to the Doctor, or if he gets full before finishing his meal, there is no point to worry. If it is still hungry after finishing his food, this might be a problem with his digestive system. Take him to the Doctor.

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